Adam Eyal


Adam Eyal is not your usual fitness guru. And no, he is by no means a professional bodybuilder. But what does he know? Optimal living. His research on this subject guides his 60K monthly readers toward genuinely healthy lifestyles. He has spent a decade working on this topic, and now his followers benefit from his experience.

In his role as editor at, Adam distills the myths, corporate agendas, and PR noise to get straight to the truth. And the truth is what the world needs, right? For this he interviews professional athletes, lead experts, and doctors to discover their insights on what's necessary to optimize our lifestyles. He shares these insights directly with his readers with the focus of delivering original, well-vetted content. His work is backed by his research experience during years working as a financial analyst in an investment firm.

Adam's inspiration: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." – Albert Einstein.

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